Dutch White Veal

Tenderloin White Veal

Approximate weight: 1 to 1.2kgs

Veal is the meat of calves, in contrast to the beef from older cattle. The tenderloin is the most tender and finest cut of veal. Roast it in one piece, as portion size medallions, or beat it out into piccata.

Topside White Veal

Approximate weight: 4 to 5kgs

The Topside is part of the Veal Leg. It is a classic veal steak with the outer thigh and the roll as one piece. It might also be referred to as “veal fricandeau” or “noix de veau”. It is suitable for a scallop or a Biftek.

Eyeround White Veal

Approximate Weight: 1 to 1.2kgs

This primal cut is derived from the rear leg. This is a major movement muscle area so the meat from this cut is lean. Wet cooking methods such as braising or simmering should be used. It’s best suited for a Rôti.

Milk Veal Bone-in Rack (6 Ribs)

Approximate weight: 3,2 to 3.7kgs

Sometimes called the rack, this section comes right after the loin and is the first portion of the foresaddle. The first six bones of the rib are the most tender for either roasts or chops.