Brazilian Beef

Tenderloin – Chain-off (Filet)

Price: 15$/kg

Also called undercut, it is the softest beef cut. Succulent and with one of the smallest fat content. It’s most suitable for whole roast, pan fry & grilling.

Striploin (Faux-Filet)

Price: 12$/kg

Cut from the short loin, the striploin or strip steak is a very tasty & juicy cut. It’s suitable for whole roast, pan-fry, grilling, stroganoff & steaks.

Cube Roll

Price: 10$/kg

Also called Ribeye, it’s the tastiest cut of meat in the whole beef. It’s a very versatile cut that is suitable for whole roasts, pan-fry, grilling, thick steaks.

Rump Heart

Price: 10$/kg

The largest of the rump cuts, the heart of rump (or ‘centre rump’) is a compact, chunky piece of meat. It’s a very tasty cut, suitable for whole roasts, pan-fry, stroganoff, Philly steak sandwiches, escalope & grilling.


Price: 8$/kg

The topside is a large, lean cut of beef, rolled and divided into two or three boneless joints. It’s a tasty cut, suitable for Biftek, and used by professionals for shawarma. Very convenient for escalopes.


Price: 8$/kg

Beef knuckle is a versatile cut of meat originating from the round primal cut, which is located in the rear of the animal. It is known as the butcher’s cut. Very convenient for minced meat, escalopes & Biftek.

Eye Round

Price: 9$/kg

A round steak is a beef steak from the “round”, the rear leg of the cow. The round is divided into cuts including the eye round, bottom round, and top round, with or without the “round” bone, and may include the knuckle, depending on how the round is separated from the loin. It’s considered as the ideal cut for the Roti.


Price: 7$/kg

Second in tenderness to the tenderloin steak, the flat iron is well-marbled, richly flavored and juicy. The ideal cut for lean minced meat & very suitable for Kebbeh. Ideal also for lean cooking.


Price: 6$/kg

The typical chuck steak is a rectangular cut, about 1″ thick and containing parts of the shoulder bones, and is often known as a “7-bone steak,” as the shape of the shoulder bone in cross section resembles the numeral ‘7’. Very tasty cut, ideal for mince & cubes for cooking.


Price: 7$/kg

Heel Muscle, also known as rear muscle, this meat is soft and tasty, being indicated for soups, braising, sauces, and even in the famous baby food. Very tasty cut, ideal for cooking.


Price: 6$/kg

A shoulder tender also called beef shoulder petite tender, beef shoulder tender petite roast, bistro filet, rat or teres major steak is a US cut of beef of the teres major muscle from the blade of the shoulder. Very tasty cut, ideal for mince & cubes for cooking.

Disclaimer: Prices of Brazilian imports are subject to change as per the global prices. Kindly note that prices may change without prior notice.