Argentinian Meat

Tenderloin – Chain-off (Filet)

In Argentina, the tenderloin is known as lomo.This muscle section of the steer does not get much of a workout , therefore the meat is extremely tender.Cook it right and you will be rewarded with a meat so succulent and tender you will feel like it is melting in your mouth.

Around the world, you often see tenderloin treated with luxury.In Argentina, it is not uncommon to see lomo treated in the same manor except at some asados you may see a whole slab of lomo cooked on a grill like the old Gaucho way on the Pampa Humeda Prairies.

Cube Roll (Entrecote)

Bife Ancho or Ojo de Bife,is the famous Ribeye.Just salt it an hour prior to grilling,and enjoy it.

Striploin (Faux-Filet)

Bife Angosto or Bife de Chorizo,is the New York strip.It is one of the tastiest cuts of beef. Packed with flavor,you can cook any way you like with just a pinch of salt. It is the perfect steak because it’s Tender,Flavorfull,& not too fatty except the strip on the cover,that is removed while eating.

Rump Heart, PAD (pret a decouper)

Corazon de Cuadril is best suited for slow roasts,rare cooked steaks & Biftek. It’s packed with flavor without the fat of the striploin or the cuberoll. It’s the prefered cut in Germany.

Eye Round – Roti de Boeuf

Eye Round or Peceto will give you the best Roti you ever had.Kids will love it with a potato puree and it’s gravy.

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